HEY! You clicked on “About”. Do you want to know about me? Really? I’m flattered. I’ll try not disappoint you. Let’s see, what do you wanna know?

My name? My name is Ulisses. Nice to meet you! I’m from Brazil. So it is Ulisses with “i”, not “y”.

My job? Well, I’m former Plataformatec software developer. Today, I write and review a lot of Elixir code at Duffel in London. Some time ago I lived for 2 years in Estonia and worked with Elixir at Yolo.

What I do in my free time? I love to play video games, tabletop RPG, and board games. I like to watch movies, series, animations, read books and HQs. Recently I have been learning and painting miniatures table top games like Warhammer, Gloomhaven, and others.

What’s that book on the right side of the page? It’s my book! Yeah, I wrote a book with The Pragmatic Bookshelf. The book is called Learn Functional Programming with Elixir.

That’s all. I hope we can hangout some time. You can get in touch using these social networks:

If you see something that needs to be fixed on this blog, feel free to open some issues.